Rachel Brunton, the daughter of an Asian father and British mother, has been brought up with strong asian influence, being subjected to and highly inspired by the complexities and colours of asian embroidered ensembles. 


Being from a mixed Ethnic background, Rachel was exposed to a diverse understanding of cultures and traditions. From an early age, Rachel demonstrated a creative flare, which many family friends encouraged by teaching her new skills, such as art and sewing crafts. This interest was developed further by a family member teaching her how to hand make children's dress's from the age of 10, giving Rachel the foundations of construction.  


Rachel graduated with a BA honors degree in Art and Design with a specialism in Fashion/Textiles. Rachel's passion for creating and construction shows in her highly skilled techniques of pattern cutting and pushing boundaries to create something different. With this invested interest in couture designing, Rachel continues to enhance her skills and designing techniques by bringing in elements of embroidery and a vast colour palette.  


A gap year in India took Rachel to explore her indian cultural heritage, being inspired by the colours and ambiance of Indian clothing. When looking for work experience, she secured a place in Khubsoorat, working side by side with fashion entrepreneur extraordinaire Mani Kohli, who is seen to be the Indian equivalent of Vera Wang. It is here that Rachel really was exposed to the glitz and glamour of the fashion world by being offered a full time job as Assistant Designer by Mani Kohli herself.   


With the opening of Khubsoorat's third location in New Jersey in the USA, the collaboration of Mani Kohli and her daughter Geetanjali Singh, Rachel was given the opportunity to gain advancement within the company with hands on training experience of managing the new boutique.


Styling customers, Fashion Shows and working one on one with brides in London, gave Rachel the foundations to pursue this opportunity, which in turn has given her the confidence and initiative in the business sector.  

Working with Khubsoorat, Rachel created lines with Mani and Geetanjali as well as freelancing, and representing Khubsoorat with her couture designing for specialist clientele who were looking for something specific, unique and exclusive.  


Now Rachel's aim is to develop her own brand and designs by breaking through the western market to bring something unique and innovative to the bridal market.   


The fashion business is a very competitive field to get into. Rachel has a passion for designing and creating and feels there's nothing more satisfying than seeing your design go from a sketched illustration, to a pattern, toile and then seeing your vision in the form of a final piece. 

Her designs have always been complex in pattern and design, so she felt the bridal wear market would let her explore and fabricate beautiful, intricate ensembles where each piece would be as unique as the bride. 


Rachel brings into her designs the exquisite Indian art of hand embroidery, that brings about a mix of Swarovski crystal elements, pearls, beads, sequins, Dubka (wire work) and Resham (thread work), which creates an awe of depth and texture to any bridal piece.

Xsazia is taken from Greek word "exsasia", which means exquisite.

Designer Rachel Brunton brings a unique, contemporary touch to the traditional bridal ensemble. Luxury gowns combine a fusion of exclusive cuts, encompassing the finery of intricate hand embroidery of Indian craftsmanship.


Embodied with Swarovski crystal elements, glass beads, pearls, embedded on beautiful, luxurious materials such as pure silk, silk georgette, silk brocade and zuri crape, just to name a few.


These are just a few things a bride can expect from Xsazia. Bringing about a vast knowledge, skill and awareness of contemporary design, influenced from the creative, imaginative world that surounds us.


Xsazia's mission is to give you the bride a chance to have a made to measure bridal gown created, and designed uniquely for you.
You have the choice to chose from our designer collection, where you have the option Hire, adapt or change aspects of the design, alternatively you can opt for our bespoke service.

Our bespoke service gives you a chance to have a one to one consultation with the designer. Enabling you, the bride, to incorporate your own ideas into your exquisite gown. Giving you the choice of fabrics, embroideries and colour.